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Stainless steel wire drawing broken wire control

Date:2014-2-3    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel wire mesh

The reason may also be called stainless steel wire stainless steel wire, the wire and screw the main spring wire line two, for in the course of stainless steel wire, broken wire drawing common phenomenon, which led to the broken wire stainless steel wire drawing mainly in wire surface quality is poor, the wire surface after rolling have scarring, indentation such defects, cracks formed during the drawing surface defects at the source, extend from the edge to the center, forming a bevel cut shaped fracture. That we use stainless steel wire, in order to prevent this matter, the Chinese standard network to tell you the following measures can be controlled.

First, the surface quality. Factors affecting the quality of the wire surface and rolling slab quality has two aspects. Slab slag defects, scarring and micro-cracks in the casting can be controlled by two cold water to solve. Rolling is done mainly iron oxide push, fold and scratches, strengthen inspection and process control can prevent surface defects. Second, after the refining process optimization. Wire inclusions have Al2O3, SiO2, CaO class brittle compound inclusions. After refining by the process of reducing the content of free oxygen in molten steel and control of the slag basicity, can improve inclusion size, shape, and plasticity, improving the purity of molten steel. Increase the time and argon flow to the large size inclusions can fully floating. Subjected to plastic processing inclusions, so that a high melting point brittle inclusions into a low-melting inclusions, to facilitate the deformation during cold working.

Third, lower superheat control center slab shrinkage, porosity and segregation. Pouring molten steel temperature control, temperature slab casting speed matching, using mold electromagnetic stirring and soft reduction technology, improve gather high-carbon steel carbon segregation and inclusions reduce problems caused by brittle fracture caused by carbon segregation occurs.

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