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monofilament polyester printing mesh
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monofilament polyester printing mesh monnfilament polyester printing mesh monnfilament polyester printing mesh
Polyester was introduced to the screen printing market over 40 years ago and quickly replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers all over the world. It is a material that is uniquely suitable for screen printing because of its tensile strength, elastic memory and resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat and moisture. Polyester screen is a kind of synthetic fabric constructed similar to silk, yet with better uniformity. Compared to silk, polyester screen cloth offers extreme durability, yet has a lower price.
Maishi Monofilament Polyester Printing Screen (Silk screen printing mesh) is woven from yarn that is extruded from heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter. Conventional monofilament polyester screen fabric will elongate under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the thread can stretch. At excessive tension levels, the thread reaches its "plastic deformation" point, and the screen will no longer hold tension.
General Specification of Monofilament Polyester Printing Mesh: 15mesh/inch,25mesh/inch, 30mesh/inch, 38mesh/inch, 60mesh/inch, 75mesh/inch, 80mesh/inch 100mesh/inch, 110mesh/inch, 120mesh/inch, 135mesh/inch, 160mesh/inch, 180mesh/inch, 200mesh/inch, 230mesh/inch, 250mesh/inch, 280mesh/inch, 305mesh/inch, 355mesh/inch, 380mesh/ inch, 420mesh/ inch.
We can supply polyester printing mesh are of high quality and precision with a wide range form 15mesh(6T)-420mesh(165T), width :0.3m to 3.9m ,and there are three color available : White, Yellow and Black.

Polyester Printing Mesh Production Process:

We buy yarn from Jintong,Switzerland and Japan, we inspect the yarn when they unloaded in our factory. (tolerance,tensile strengh, physics test ect.).

During production, first we put the warp wire on beam, draw the warp wire into heddle and reed. Then our experienced weaver will start weaving mesh accoding to orders.

Initial survey is taken during and after weaving. Then the heat setting treatment and physical properties inspection will be done before we get tentativa finished rolls (normally 60-500 meters rolls).

In the end, after the final inspection, we will cut the mesh into small rolls(20m-50m) according to customer orders.
monofilament polyester printing mesh monofilament polyester printing mesh
monofilament polyester printing mesh monofilament polyester printing mesh monofilament polyester printing mesh monofilament polyester printing mesh monofilament polyester printing mesh

Polyester Printing Mesh Test:

monofilament polyester printing mesh
1.mesh count inspect
monofilament polyester printing mesh
2.thickness inspect
monofilament polyester printing mesh
3.thread dia&hole inspect
monofilament polyester printing mesh
4.elongation test
monofilament polyester printing mesh
5.tensile test
Detail Specification of 100% Monofilament Polyester Bolting cloth
(Printing Mesh)
  • TYPE















  • 6-40015125040085780-810680135
  • 10-2502570025049508-51835585
  • 12-2503061025053495-50530585
  • 15-2503846725049489-50121383
  • 24-1006031610057188-19510949
  • 30-1207521312041235-24510252
  • 32-1008021210046145-1556948.5
  • 39-55100195555688-965529
  • 39-801001768048148-1537331
  • 43-801101478040.8125-1315331
  • 47-55120152555188-9647.629
  • 48-701201357041108-12045.530
  • 53-55135128554788-9644.529
  • 54-641371156438.595-10538.930
  • 54-701371087034108-1204031
  • 64-45160105484373-8236.530
  • 64-5516098553885-9536.130
  • 64-6416088643095-10530.731
  • 72-4518092454068-7633.127.6
  • 72-4818090483675-8433.128
  • 77-5519575552886-9226.629
  • 80-4820072483375-8428.727
  • 90-4823056482577-8523.525
  • 100-4025058403766-7321.328.5
  • 110-4028052403378-8520.529.6
  • 120-34305453430.552-5718.430.5
  • 140-34355313419.556-6214.431
  • 150-3138036312943-4713.130.5
  • 150-34380303420.556-6214.930.5
  • 165-31420313122.552-5812.528.9
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