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How to clean the greasy dirt on the stainless steel wire mesh

Date:2013-1-24    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stainless steel wire mesh, clean greasy dirt

Stainless steel wire mesh in the oil, the drawback of the oxide film and so on, have chemical degreasing, electrochemical oil removal, ultrasonic oil removal, etc., but there is no simple method, recently developed electrochemical oil removal, electrochemical polishing technology.

In mixed acids of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid type electrolyte adding 1% nonionic surface active agent, electricity 1-3 min can make the stainless steel W network table and light oil.Maintain 0.2% compound additive in electrolyte can ensure the screen does not change color in the process of polishing, entrainment of electrolyte is easy to rinse, 100 mesh to hole no jam phenomenon on the Internet.External anode made from copper can improve the conductivity of stainless steel wire mesh, external anode because no direct contact with the electrolyte to avoid the acid corrosion, effectively extending the service life of the people.

When choosing the electrolyte need to meet the following requirements:
(1) the electrolytic liquid stable performance, electrolytes in the solution and additive components don't react each other, not easy to decompose under the condition of use, deterioration.
(2) additive for electricity to remove oil, electrolytic polishing should have obvious synergy, and the dosage.
(3) solution infiltration, the corrosion and better resistance to oil dirties and sedimentary, easy rinse.Processed W netlist and mesh brightness, more than 100 mesh screen mesh jams.
(4) safe and convenient operation, temperature, oil removal and polishing time scope wide, current density and voltage process parameters, such as easy to control.

The method is proved by application, silk screen processing costs only 1 RMB per square meter, has the characteristics of low cost, good running effect.Completely solve the stainless steel wire mesh sheet and oil and black yellow dense oxide film removal problem.

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