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What is the process of stretching

Date:2013-3-26    Editor:Maishi Wire Mesh    Keywords: stretching, printing mesh

Stretching is the production of silk screen printing of the first process. Stretching the quality of the quality of the plate has a direct relationship. Therefore, we must carefully, meticulous preparation and work Stretching Stretching before.

Stretching the first print size selected in accordance with the appropriate screen frame, the side screen frame and screen cleaning adhesive clean, if it is the first time the use of network box, you need to rub lightly with fine sandpaper, so that the screen frame surface roughness, This makes it easy to improve the adhesion of the screen frame and the screen, if it is used in the network box also rub clean with sandpaper, glue and other substances to remove residues. After cleaning the screen frame before stretching, the first contact with the screen surface and pre-coated adhesive to dry again.

Stretching, by hand or mechanical stretching, screen after screen taut so closely aligns with the screen frame, and contact with the screen frame in the screen. Partial re-applied adhesive, then dry, attention should not be coated with adhesive too thick or too thin, in the dry, soft cloth or rubber sheet is available, while wiping the bonding part, while applying some pressure, screen and screen frame makes more firmly bonded. Be dry adhesive, release tension outside, cut around the outside of the mesh network box, and then use one-sided adhesive tape attached to the screen and the screen frame bonding site, which can play a protective wire network and the role of the screen frame, may be dissolved in a solvent or water to prevent the adhesive of printing, to ensure the effective use of the screen printing forme. Finally, rinse with water or detergent mesh, mesh After drying, can be used for sensitive adhesive coating (plate).

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